Our goal is to build wealth through varying buy and hold strategies and time frames.  We are targeting 12 -100 unit apartment buildings. 
From short term acquisitions, to longer term buy and hold strategies. 
Our strategy is to buy undervalued properties with the potential to add value through forced appreciation.  Through this approach, we will receive substantial rental returns and depreciation now, and appreciation in the future.  With home-ownership at a multi-year low, this segment is and will continue to be, the top real estate investment area for years to come!
1-2 Family: Flips
Suffolk county has had some of the harshest foreclosure rates in the state.  This has lead to some of the most drastically reduced prices of homes in the past several decades in many towns in Suffolk.  This has created an abundance of vacant, and then vandalized homes, selling at a fraction of their previous market value.  While these homes after renovation will still have a market value substantially under what they once were valued at, it leaves plenty of opportunity for a nice return on investment... for the experienced investor.
1-2 Family Buy & Hold

This is the most comfortable and sought after way for people looking to build wealth in real estate although this is the most time consuming approach with limited upside potential. 

Although we have some investments in this category, and it is still a very good way to build wealth, it is the most time consuming, and is limited in profitability compared to investment opportunities in apartment complexes. 


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